Simply Abi. I hate adding a year to my age so you might as well guess that. Taking my studies at MIT-Makati and as of now I have nothing in my life figured out just yet. My social life is dying bit by bit and I'm loving solitude all of a sudden. I fancy pizza, pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, candies, muffin, donuts and everything that is sweet. I am very fond of sunsets and stargazing. I'm a mess in a dress and a lost 'cause since that day. And happiness is the only thing I want to achieve everyday. ▲

Didn’t know that PE in college was this fun yet exhausting at the same time. I’m just having a hard time understanding and memorizing steps and how my body doesn’t cooperate, So yeah, I’m kind of regretting that I stopped dancing ages ago. Maybe because I realized it wasn’t my destiny. Meh. I don’t know. But I miss moving, I miss bending. LOL. I’m not making sense, sorry. I have nothing sensible to tell.